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Your Creative Journey: Picking What Really Matters

What if you could choose only one option? Which one would you choose?

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In the journey of success and fulfilment, we are often challenged to make choices that shape our path. What if we were given the chance to choose just one among these options? Which one would we prioritise in our careers as creatives?

Being recognised, having creative freedom, achieving work-life balance, making a positive impact, or having financial stability?

Each of these alternatives opens doors to different paths and accomplishments. Some crave recognition, seeking validation for exceptional work. Others value creative freedom, the ability to express without restraints. There are also those who prioritise balancing personal and professional life, seeking harmony and time for themselves.

Making a positive impact, creating significant changes, and leaving a legacy may motivate some. Meanwhile, others view financial stability as crucial, providing security and opportunities to explore their creativity.

This reflection invites us to ponder what we truly value on our creative journey. It's an invitation to contemplate our priorities, desires, and deeper aspirations. Ultimately, your choice reveals much about what you seek in your career and your personal definition of success.

How about using this reflection for an activity? Are you in? Let's go! Grab a pen and paper, set aside a moment just for you. Write down that option that really resonated with you, the one that aligns most with your current moment.

For instance, if you chose 'achieving work-life balance', great! Now, list three practical steps you can take over the next year to get closer to this balance. It could be something simple, like finding time for hobbies or setting fixed work hours. Commit to following these steps and see how this choice can guide your decisions and perspectives moving forward.

Remember, the journey to success is entirely unique to each of us. May your choices inspire a creative career filled with meaning and achievements. Let's be there for each other on this journey!

With love,

Agatha Vieira

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Mentor



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