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Hi! I am Agatha Vieira.
I design, illustrate and teach.

I'm a Brazilian graphic designer, illustrator, and Skillshare teacher with over a decade of experience. Originally from the vibrant
city of Rio de Janeiro, my creative journey led me to take a couple of courses at London's Central Saint Martins arts school, shaping my skills in branding, print, templates, and illustration.

Having worked as an in-house designer for companies in Brazil and England, I bri
ng a wealth of practical knowledge to my craft. In 2020, my passion for teaching blossomed on Skillshare, where I transitioned from an avid student to a mentor. Surpassing 15,000 students across the globe(and counting!), my classes focus on unlocking the creative potential of beginners and easing their journey into new software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, for example.

Join me, and let's create together!

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