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Let go of comparing your creative path to others: Embrace your unique journey

In the world of creativity, it's easy to feel like you're in a race, comparing yourself to others. But what if we switched gears? What if we focused on competing with who we were yesterday, rather than others?

Encouraging quote for creative professionals
"I don’t compare myself with others because I am only in competition with myself."

"I don’t compare myself with others because I am only in competition with myself." This quote holds a powerful truth for your creative journey. It means your progress matters most—beating your own past efforts, not others'.

If you're a student exploring creativity, know this: Your uniqueness shines when you discover your own style. Your journey isn’t about being better than classmates. It's about finding your creative voice.

And for professionals in the creative field: Your success isn't about outdoing your peers. It's about improving your craft, adding your special touch to your work.

So, let go of comparing yourself to others. Celebrate your growth, no matter how small. Your journey is about becoming the artist you aspire to be.

Remember, comparing stifles your unique style. Embrace your journey, stay curious, and cherish how far you've come. Your creativity blooms when you're true to yourself, not trying to be like others.

With every creation, remind yourself: "I'm only in competition with myself." Let this idea guide your journey—painting your story, crafting your tunes, or designing your masterpiece.

Now, to the best part... here are some practical ways to overcome comparison:

  1. Focus on yourself: Pay attention to your progress, not others'. Set personal goals that matter to you.

  2. Use social media wisely: Limit your time on social media or follow accounts that inspire you without making you feel inferior.

  3. Be thankful: Appreciate your journey by celebrating small wins and improvements along the way.

  4. Embrace your uniqueness: Value what makes you different. Your style matters more than trying to be like someone else.

  5. Learn from others: Instead of comparing, learn from others' work. Find inspiration without feeling you have to measure up.

  6. Accept mistakes: Failure is part of learning. Embrace errors as chances to grow, not as signs of falling behind.

  7. Stay present: Focus on your creative process. Techniques like meditation or diaphragmatic breathing can help you concentrate on your own work.

  8. Take care of yourself(the most important and the most difficult one!): Do things that make you happy and relaxed. A balanced life boosts confidence in your abilities.

  9. Find supportive people: Surround yourself with friends or mentors who encourage and understand your creative journey.

Letting go of comparison isn't easy, but practicing these steps can help you appreciate your unique path in creativity.

Let's celebrate our individuality, applaud our progress, and enjoy the beauty of our unique creative paths. With love,

Agatha Vieira

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Mentor



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