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Street Photography - Brick Lane, one of the most alternative places in London

Girls chatting outside of Old Truman Brewery building. Photo: Agatha Vieira

East London is a hidden gem with the creative world. Unlike Central London, where you can find art in many galleries and extraordinary museums, the best place to look for visual inspiration in the East End is its streets.

Brick Lane Streets. Photo: Agatha Vieira

If you are looking for visual inspiration, have a walk at Brick Lane to find amazing murals, street art, graffiti, sculptures, sticks and all forms of artistic expressions that you can imagine. Artists from all over the world and the UK come to East London to paint and be appreciated by a big and young audience.

Brick Lane Street Art and expression. Photo: Agatha Vieira

Brick Lane Graffiti Mural. Photo: Agatha Vieira

If you like the urban style and like to see some street art, you should visit Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Click here to open the interactive map below and find all the spots that you should have a look when in East London:

Brick Lane past is quite dark, though. It was once a rundown area of London, covered in slums and known for its proximity to the Jack the Ripper killings. It recently began to bounce back, however, and see an improvement. The art is giving this place a completely new life!

Brick Lane. Photo: Agatha Vieira

Apart from art, you can also find fantastic coffee shops, authentic bagel shops, street food markets, vintage markets and art galleries...phew!

Brick Lane. Photo: Agatha Vieira

The best day to visit Brick Lane is on Sundays, when the markets are open. During the other days of the week, the streets are also alive with musicians playing live at the streets and with the numerous vintage open stores.

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