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How to make a rainbow in Adobe Illustrator

Here is a quick and fun Adobe Illustrator tutorial that you can do in 5 minutes(or even less!) and it is beginners friendly!

Watch the tutorial below:

Step 1: Use the Ellipse tool to create a circle. Hold SHIFT to achieve a perfect circle.

Step 2: In Stroke, choose the first colour of your rainbow. No fill, leave it empty.

Step 3: Adjust stroke size to your preference, I chose 40pt.

Step 4: With your circle selected, go to Object > Path > Offset Path Adjust the Offset to the same size as the stroke in the original circle(40pt) then press OK.

Step 5: For a better visualisation of the lines, press CTRL+Y on your keyboard to view in outline mode.

Step 6: Repeat these steps, until you have 7 lines.

Step 7: Now using your colour swatches, select the individual strokes to choose the colour of each line.

Step 8: Let's do CTRL Y again to turn into outline mode for a better overview.

Step 9: Now use the Direct Selection tool to select all the dots in the bottom section of the bottom of the circle.

Step 10: Once selected, you can click delete to remove the bottom half.

Step 11: To finalise, go to object> expand and turn off the outline mode. You are done!

Did you like this tutorial? I hope it was useful for you and that it incentivise you to keep learning and exploring Adobe Illustrator!


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