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5 Free Time-Saving Online Tools For Creatives

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Discover 5 tools that can make your life easier when creating for the web or print materials! If you are a graphic designer, marketer or content creator, these websites and Google Chrome extensions can save you time and provide you a quicker workflow!

1) : No photoshop? No problem! Remove unwanted objects from photos in seconds with this tool. It's free for low/medium resolution downloads.

2) Do literally anything with a PDF. Convert, Transform, compress, merge, split… all online and free.

3) Very handy for any graphic designer out there. You can find most paper sizes, dimensions and formats!

4) ColorZilla: Chrome Extension: Discover the colours of any image in any website page just by hovering over the image of your choice!

5) Generate colour palettes in a second! I hope you like those tools and if you have any suggestions on topics, tips or tutorials you'd like me to talk about in the next blog posts, please leave a comment below!

Be well and keep creating! xx

Agatha Vieira

Skillshare Top Teacher, Graphic Designer and Illustrator


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