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10 fabulous online shops for stationery lovers

Stationery is that love that starts at school and will be in your heart forever. Even in the digital age, nothing replaces the power of the analogical way of life. I can't get enough of fancy stationery, colourful pens and amazing notebooks.

I believe that the right pencil can bring your drawings to life, the right pen can help you write your best story and drive your creativity to the highest level! If you agree with that and don't think I am a are a stationery lover, too.

I've done a list of 10 amazing shops where you can find the most interesting stationery for all needs. Check below:

1. Present & Correct

Present & Correct was founded by Neal Whittington, a graduate of Leeds Art College who launched the store online in 2008 and today has a physical shop in London, EC1R.

2. Milligram

Milligram is an Australian online store that sells the "world's best design stationery, office and lifestyle accessories". Brands include Moleskine, Delfonics, Lamy and Rhodia.

3. Counter-Print

The brainchild of Céline Leterme and Jon Dowling, Counter-Print started life nearly a decade ago as a seller of vintage design books. Today, it's extended its products to include new books, stationery and homeware. This is an essential bookmark for designers.

4. The Journal Shop

The Journal Shop claims that you "will not find a better selection of designer stationery products anywhere else". Their passion for beautiful paper, pens and desk accessories is clear from the carefully curated selection of products. Particularly appealing is the range of washi tape and Kawaii stationery – if that's your kind of thing.

Photo: The Journal Shop

5. Papersmiths

Papersmiths sells beautifully curated stationery, books and magazines, greetings and gifts, and homewares online and from its two physical stores in Bristol and London. Expect brands such as Hay, Ola and Midori.

6. Fox and Star

Fox and Star is a UK online stationery retailer that specialises in unique and well-designed stationery from across the globe. They're home to MT Masking Tape and Masté washi tapes from Japan and offer some of the coolest weekly planners, monthly planners, journals, notebooks and cute pens about.

7. CW Pencil

CW Pencil was founded online in November 2014 by Caroline Weaver, an amateur pencil collector and lifelong pencil lover. Today, the brand sells everything a pencil enthusiast might want and need. "Whatever you may use them for, we want to make sure that you can have any pencil your heart, hand, or collection desires," says Caroline.

8. Rifle Paper Co.

Another essential bookmark for all your stationery needs, Rifle Paper Co. shoots straight to the heart of beautifully designed notepads, address books, pencils and pens.

Photo: Rifle Paper Co

9. Nook

Nook launched in Stoke Newington, London in April 2012 by friends Gemma, Jack and Kate. With a number of years’ experience in retail behind them, they combined their shared passion for design and interiors to curate the shop that they would like to shop in. Nook brings together a selection of items from across the UK, Europe and beyond, and specialises in items (such as stationery) which are well designed and built to last, but that "don’t always take themselves too seriously".

10. Cass Art

Cass Art stocks art supplies from some of the world’s leading brands like Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell and Daler Rowney, so this is a decent online store to source everything from pencils, pens and inks to erasers, rulers and all kinds of surfaces.

Hope you like this post and leave your comments below!

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