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When in France...make postcards!

I've been to France to spend 5 days on a family birthday, yay! It was an amazing time and I am missing it already. I had really good moments there and this week's creative project is inspired by this lovely and memorable trip. 

I've been to Siorac-en-Perigord, Sarlat and Bergerac. Siorac is a small village located at south west of France. The town will charm you with its typical architecture, its stone houses and beautiful cultural and historical heritage.

On Friday, we went by train from Siorac to Gare du Sarlat, that is at only 2 stops far from Siorac. Sarlat-la-Canéda is an essential place to visit if you are nearby. Its medieval old town is the perfect place to wander around with its maze of picturesque narrow streets and Gothic and Renaissance mansions. I loved the architecture I found there.

At the last day, before stopping at the airport to go back to London, we made a quick visit to Bergerac. Bergerac is situated in the Purple Périgord on the Dordogne. The town is famous for its vineyards. There's a river view that is stunning and I would definitely want to go back there in the future to explore more. 

You can also find there at Place Pelissière, a statue of Cyrano, who was a French novelist, playwright, epistolary and duelist that was also known by his massive nose!

I found this interesting article about him. Check it out if you want to know more: 

Looking back to the pictures and memories, I decided to make illustrations from some of the photos taken and transform it into 03 postcards. You can download and print the postcards if you want to get one for you. I hope you like it!

P.S.: Many printer websites can print it for you on proper postcard paper/size.

I printed mine at Boots Photo with the option Flat Card 7x5". It costs £0.19 each. 

Download all postcards in the link below:

Thanks and see you!



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