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Creativity is Not a Luxury

Creativity is not a luxury, but an essential skill that we all possess.

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We tend to think that creativity is a luxury for the few, for the creative beings, for those who have money or time. Yes, we think we can only be creative in those moments of rest when you have nothing to do and decide to indulge in a hobby… embroidery, crafts, drawing, something like that. These are creative activities and sometimes even meditative, and they are great, but creativity goes far beyond that. It is present in us all the time, every day, in our daily lives. It goes far beyond isolated moments or activities.

Creativity is present in each of us, even in those who don't consider themselves creative, and it is a human necessity. Think about your daily life and pay attention to how many problems you solve: how you dress, how you organize your house, how you plan your schedule. Each of these activities requires a touch of creativity. When you find a new way to organize your workspace, you are using your creativity. When you invent a new recipe with the ingredients you have in your pantry, you are exercising your creative potential. Even when you create a story to tell your children at bedtime, you are allowing yourself to be creative.

Recognizing that creativity is inherent in all of us is essential. It is not an exclusive quality of artists or people who work directly with creative activities. We all have this capacity, and it manifests in diverse ways. And the best part: the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.


Practical Tips to Activate Your Creativity

1. Cultivate Curiosity: Ask questions and seek new answers. Read about different subjects and explore new hobbies.

2. Allow Yourself to Experiment: Don't be afraid to try something new, even if it's not perfect. Practice leads to improvement.

3. Observe the Everyday: Pay attention to the small details of your daily life. Often, the best ideas come from the simplest things.

4. Collaborate with Others: Exchanging ideas with others can open your mind to new possibilities.

5. Challenge Yourself: Put yourself in situations that require creative solutions. Solve puzzles, participate in games that stimulate logical and creative thinking.

6. Disconnect: Take some time away from screens and connect with nature. Outdoor walks can clear the mind and stimulate new ideas.

7. Keep an Idea Journal: Write down your ideas, even the simplest ones. Revisiting these notes can generate new inspirations.

Creativity is not a luxury, but an essential skill that we all possess. It helps us solve problems, express ourselves, and make life more interesting. By recognizing and cultivating your creativity, you open doors to a world of infinite possibilities. So, start today to value and nurture this innate talent. Creativity is there, inside you, waiting to be unleashed.

Agatha Vieira

Graphic Designer, teacher & mentor



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