OYO is a hotel chain that partners with independent hotels, from tiny Bed & Breakfast to larger properties, with a mission to help guests find affordable hotel rooms worldwide.



I have put together 2 images to present to my team and visualise the main idea - to celebrate the hotel's character and uniqueness.


Once I had the green light to go ahead with my concept, I put together a series of images that stood out to me as a reference to create my final piece. 

This led to a few insights:

Independence is worth fighting for. Let's be bold, we’re doing something totally new in the market, so let’s be confident about it.

If variety is the spice of life, uniformity is vanilla. We’re new in the UK, so being fun and lighthearted (when the time is right) will help us stand out.

Fun and interesting beats perfect. Budget hotel chains sound, look, and act the same. Let’s be different by being playful.



We know everyone is different, so why hotels should be all the same? OYO Hotels are full of character. Let’s celebrate that.

Why not pair the traveler with an OYO hotel that matches their personality?

We defined a simple comparative narrative that works almost like a CTA and invites the potential guest to book a hotel from a
different perspective.

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