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Project: A Journey Through Time | Course: Reportage Photography

Teacher: Karl Grupe | University Of Arts London - Central Saint Martins




A Journey through time


King`s Cross Station is one of the most important termini and the best-connected station in London.  The Tube station sees over 50 million commuters per year and is served by more lines than any other Underground station. It has opened in 1852 Designed by Lewis Cubitt and built by George Turnbull, with a gorgeous Victorian architecture mixed with modern elements. Not just a hub that helps you get from one place to another, it is a major landmark with its own cultural impact.


The journey is a series of photos to have a look inside King's Cross Station during the Peak Hours. The scenes are seen from the perspective a is Journey

of a Paperboy.


- News, news! Would you like a newspaper Mad'am?

It's 5:30 pm, beginning of peak hour at King's Cross Station. The crowd is coming, the platform will be full in seconds. Arrivals and departures, connections of places and peoples. Many businessmen in a hurry...time is money.  


- Want a newspaper, Sir?

Lost tourists with their maps in hands, families on a holiday coming from Heathrow and grumpy Londoners in the company of their mobile phones. Standing on the right, commuters choreographed steps are fast, noisy and busy as the trains are. Many lonely souls in the crowd.


How do you commute? Is the journey a burden or a joy?

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