The 'Like A Woman' Bookshop

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

This month, Penguin and Waterstones got united for a good cause. To celebrate this year's International Women's Day, they launched a pop-up bookshop in East London named 'Like a Woman' stocked only with titles from female writers! The project is very interesting and I got inspired not only by the idea of showcasing the female writers but also by the great pieces of design that were created.

"Women’s voices being heard and taken seriously is key to achieving gender equality, and with The Like A Woman Bookshop we’re making room for those voices to be elevated and celebrated," says Zainab.

The visuals were made by the design company Fieldwork and Penguin's in-house creative manager, Zainab Juma. Using hand-written type, the Manchester studio created postcards, posters, signage, and interior features for the bookshop, making the lettering and patterns for each individual piece by hand. The result is a bold and colourful identity that celebrates strength and confidence.

I loved the store idea and the design concept. The result is a bold and colourful identity that celebrates the feminine and the confidence. The wonderful design is empowering and really bold, showing all the strength and positive energy that we, woman have together!

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Agatha Vieira.

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