Creative designers turn rock stars handwriting into a typeface series

Kurt Cobain Typeface by Julien Sens and Nicolas Damiens
Kurt Cobain Typeface by Julien Sens and Nicolas Damiens

French graphic designers Julien Sens and Nicolas Damiens have transformed the handwriting of musicians David Bowie, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg into free-to-use typefaces. 

The duo spent a month creating the five typefaces, which they developed using "original handwritten letters and notes" created by the musicians.

Called Songwriter Fonts, the typeface features letters, numbers and symbols, which are intended to inspire songwriters through writing in the handwriting of their favourite musician.

"We developed the songwriter fonts with the idea that it could help a songwriter's imagination to develop by writing in the handwriting on legendary musicians – it's like playing on John Lennon's piano or Kurt Cobain's guitar," said Sens and Damiens.

The designers began by researching handwritten documents, including Kurt Cobain's suicide letter, on websites and public libraries to collect examples of the various glyphs.

I was a big fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain in my childhood, so this project got my attention. It is an original idea and can be used for many interesting purposes, but it got me thinking about the write to use it, as someone's hand-write it's such a personal thing. It also makes me think if this is respectful or not, specially considering that this artists passed away.... but I will leave this discussion open. Feel free to express your opinion on the comments if you want!

If you like the project and want some rock star fonts to use on personal projects, you can download the fonts for free at their website:

I'll download the Kurt Cobain one to satisfy my inner teenager.

See you,

Agatha Vieira.


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