• Agatha Vieira

Purple Rain, Purple Rain! Discover Ultra Violet, The 2018 Pantone Colour Of The Year!

Every December, Pantone announces a new colour of the year, based on trend-forecasting research from the Pantone Color Institute. The Colour of the Year is a moment that provides strategic direction for the world of trend and design. This year, the colour experts at Pantone followed up on 2017's Greenery by selecting a hue that's was a bit unexpected: Ultra Violet. Purple is my favourite colour, so I must say I got excited with this new release. Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838, is a complex, celestial shade of purple, that invites us to think about the galaxy, the spirituality, and the creative expression in all its forms.

“It’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. 

What do we expect from this colour in 2018?

Its worth noting that purple has a tendency to come into vogue at important turning points in history, and that turbulent times are often, in their turn, crucibles for artistic expression. Purple was a favourite colour of the Fauvists in the revolutionary twentieth century, and was used a lot by musical artists like Jimi Hendrix, Prince and David Bowie.

Check how to use it on your graphics(image on the right) and click on the link below to download Pantone's Official colour palletes > https://goo.gl/nTmkL8

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