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How to effectively organise your Iphone apps

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Try to find a specific app on your phone. Does it take more than 5 seconds?

Swipe to next screen, swipe again, swipe again... where is it?

If this sounds familiar to you... it's time to change. Is this the best way to organise your smartphone? Is it efficient and quick? Do you need to memorise where your apps are placed? Does your phone feel cluttered?

I know it sounds silly, but spending some time organising your phone is important. A clean and tidy home screen can save you time, improve your apps usage and make your experience much more personalised, making you feel more comfortable with your phone.

I've organized my phone this week and I can feel the difference it makes, so I will share below some techniques for you to discover the best way to organise your phone. It will take a maximum of 15 min for you to set your new home screen. Once you do, your mind will be in peace and you’ll think how you could live so long with that chaotic mess iPhone.

There's no better way to do it, there's what better works for you.

Screen 1: Most used apps

Place all the apps that you use the most at the first screen. This is also the section to include apps you need to get to quickly, like your camera. Forget all the other apps for now. Concentrate... It's time to make some decisions. Once all the most used apps are together at the first screen, you need to arrange them in a logical way.

How to organise your apps in a logical way?

By the way you hold your phone - Best option

Hold your phone as you normally do. Which icons can your thumb comfortably hit without stretching? Put your most frequently accessed apps here. It will depend on the way you hold your phone, but usually you can place your most most used ones inside a virtual irregular triangle like the example below of my home screen.

Themed Rows - Really effective

Separate the apps by rows. Each row is a category or group. Create a group with 4 social apps together, for example. I have utilities as my first row, photography as my middle row and social as my bottom row, for example.

Alphabetical order - Not for me

If you feel comfortable with alphabetical orders, this option could be for you.

  • Launch the Settings app.

  • Tap "General."

  • Scroll down and tap "Reset."

  • Tap "Reset Home Screen Layout."

The Apple apps(the ones you can't delete) will be placed into their default locations, and your other apps will be sorted alphabetically.

Colour coding - Can be fun

Our mind associates colours much quicker than names, so colour coding can help you to find your apps quickly.

Screen 2: Working with Folders

Photo by Elyssa Zornes on Unsplash

So now we step to the second and third pages. Three pages are the maximum you can have, try to make it two if you can. For these pages you can organise the apps in category folders. You just need to put similar apps together by their purposes. You can name them the way that best suits you. You can also add emoticons to the names, making it funny and easier to remember.

Default category names like "Productivity," "Reference" and "Utilities" maybe are too general. If you prefer, name your folder as the actions you take when using that apps. If you listen to musics or read the news, name the folders as 'Listen', 'play', 'learn' or 'watch', for example. If you chose the alphabetical order for your first screen apps, you can keep the same logistic and name the folders as 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' 'E' 'F'.

Tip: You can also add folders to the dock.


Why would you want a red icon reminding you have have 5,207 unread emails? Badge icons should only be turned on if you really need to keep track of it. For me, Whatsapp messages or number of missed calls makes sense, work email is OK as well, for other things, you want to keep the notifications coming, but you can unable the red annoying icon there. 

The tip is, if you spend more than a week without clearing the unread notifications of an app, it means that these are not priorities, so do yourself a favour and turn them off.

How to turn off:

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Notifications

  • Click on App-That-Has-Too-Many-Unread-Notifications

  • Disable “Badge App Icon”

Choosing a Wallpaper

Sounds silly again, but the right wallpaper will also improve the role experience. Why? Because the colour of the background can help(or destroy) the readability of the icons and folders names. You need to find a background that have a great contrast with the icons and makes them easier to read and identify.

Please try your own tidying up and let me know if any of the tips worked for you!

See you soon,


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