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Get Amazed With London's Shops Christmas Displays And Decorations

Updated: Jan 6, 2018

London is one of the world's leading fashion capitals and every year at Christmas time all the retailers spare no expense in creating innovative and contemporary displays, combining tradition with new interpretations of the Christmas spirit. Not only the stores are looking amazing this time of the year, but also the street decoration and lights are breathtaking.

I know that many people don't like to go shopping or to come to the buzz of Central London, but if you are into design, visual merchandising or love Christmas(who doesn't?), Regents Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street are must go places to find creative and beautiful store windows and street decorations!

Regents Street lights. Photo: Agatha Vieira

See below photos showcasing some of the beautiful Christmas displays I've seen on my way back home from work and some tips about Visual Merchandising that I've read recently and wanted to share with you.

What is visual merchandise? Why is it so important?

Visual merchandising refers to anything that can be seen by the customer inside and outside a store, including displays, decorations, signs and layout of space. The overall purpose of visual merchandising is to attract customers. In considering the importance of visual merchandising on retail businesses the single and most important reason is to engage and inspire shoppers, to encourage them to buy, increase sales, margin and return on space.

What is visual merchandising techniques?

Visual merchandising is a multi-sensory tool used by retailers to catch the attention of customers and attract them into a store to make a purchase. The first piece of visual merchandising customers encounter with a brand is the window display.

What are the elements of visual merchandising?

Colour: The Soul The colour palette is the essence of the display. It sets up the atmosphere and speaks directly to consumers on a subconscious level. 

Landscaping: The Ups and Downs The elevation of products is referred to as landscaping. This is a great way to seize consumer attention and highlight items. Consider the size and shape of the merchandise being displayed when tending to landscaping, as these details will affect how much spotlight is cast on a featured product.

Texture: The Touch and Feel Contrast in texture can enhance a display. The smoothness of natural wood can be offset by the textured pattern of man-made wire. Furthermore, textures carry meaning: Wire boasts a modern and industrial feel, wood offers a local and farm-fresh atmosphere, and metal creates a sleek and durable look. 

Communication: The Storyteller 

Studies have shown that signs have about five seconds to engage customers. When creating signage, go for legibility and readability. This is controlled through language, colours and font.

Decor: The Finishing Touches The last step in visual merchandising is decor. It enhances the overall theme of the display without being distracting. Size, number and colour should be considered when incorporating this final element.

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