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Freebie - IPhone Wallpapers

This week I was inspired by nature and technology, two different and we can say...opposite subjects that I really appreciate. I spent last weekend in Nottingham and it was basically the kind of 'Netflix and Chill' weekend which was perfect for me after a busy week in London. Over the relaxed two days, we watched a Netflix series called 'Master of None' and prepared some nice meals following recipes from the YouTube Channel 'Tasty' that were fun and delicious! As you can imagine, I did not have much spare time to stop and think about a project for this week, but there was a very nice garden at the back of the house, and so I thought this week's project theme could stem from that.

I took inspiration from the beauty of the nature that is present there and decided to take creative shots in the garden, looking at the plants' shapes and the natural patterns that are created. As I focused on the patterns of the plants, it reminded me of the aesthetics of trendy wallpapers and backgrounds images. Having this in mind, I turned the photos into six iPhone wallpapers shown below. 

If you like to decorate your phone, you can download the wallpapers for free

in the links below.

iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 7 screens:

iPhone 5 and/or 5s screens: 

Leave your comments and feedback! See you next week! 



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