Discover 10 fun and curious facts about IKEA

We've been recently to IKEA to buy some furniture, dream with the future and get amazed with all the interesting products you can find there. After this experience, I got curious to know a bit more about the company. Below I'll share with you 10 fun facts I discovered about IKEA and I hope you get as surprised as me to learn more about it.

From funny stories to great business practices, read the facts below to become an IKEA expert.

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1. IKEA was the first brand to feature a gay couple in ads.

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2. IKEA stores have hosted a number of weddings over the years, including one in New Jersey in 2005, where the bride and groom met as co-workers, and a mass ABBA-themed wedding in Burbank in 2008.

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3. In China, shoppers are actually encouraged to take naps on the display beds.

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4. IKEA was originally launched as a mail-order sales business that sold small items like pens.

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5.The average IKEA store is the same size as 42 tennis courts.

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6. IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was once denied entry at a gala when he showed up to receive a Businessman of the Year Award. The reason? He had arrived via bus.

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7. IKEA products get their names from different groups of words. Textiles are given Scandinavian girl’s names, bed textiles get flowers and plant names, chairs and stools use Scandinavian boy’s names, upholstered furniture has Swedish place-names, and children’s products are mammal species or descriptive words. Other examples of words used are days, months, Swedish watercourses, and Swedish slang expressions.

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8. IKEA started using names, rather than numbers, to classify their products since the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, was dyslexic and found names easier to work with.

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9. In the US, IKEA sells over 100 million Swedish meatballs a year.

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10. A #Billy bookcase is sold every five seconds worldwide.

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