• Agatha Vieira

Design - A selection of the best Christmas Packaging Designs

We all know that go shopping is much more interesting at this time of the year, specially if you are crazy for packaging design. Lots of brands make an extra Christmas effort – releasing special festive packaging and usually splashing out on special finishes, metallic, foils and different substrates.

As known, many people judge the quality of a product based on it's unique packaging. Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are used to, giving the product a unique edge to stand out from it's competitors.

33% of shoppers are inclined to reject a product when they don’t like the label. 

(Data from the Dieline Conference http://thedielineconference.com )

Marketing and designers have tremendous power to grab customer’s interest with their skills and creative ideas. With the use of illustration, colour, typography and different use of materials, a beautiful and attractive packaging is essential for a product success.

As a research and inspiration, I've selected below some of the best Christmas packaging I’ve seen in popular British shops and online. Can you notice any design trends in the selection? I've noticed that the most expensive products, have patterns in their designs and uses metallic finishes together with extra details such as satin ribbons, for example. As a trend, you can see the use of vintage Illustration and bold colours that standout working really well for this festive season. What do you think? I invite you to let your thoughts in the comments section! ;)

Hope you like it and leave your comments. See you soon,


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