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Turn your phone into a serious time saver with these 5 free apps

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Your phone can "kill" your time or can save you time and be a helpful friend... depends on how you use it. Finding the balance between using my phone for distractions or for beneficial apps is a constant challenge for me. I've disconnected a lot from social media nowadays, reducing in half the time I look at it during the day and it feels great. I am also trying to improve my organisational skills with some technological help and I've been saving lot's of time recently!

I've selected 5 free apps that I use and find it really productive to help you save time on your busy daily schedule of work, activities, appointments, and ever-growing to-do lists. Download these apps below to make your life easier, more organised and faster!

1. Evernote

Routinely touted as the best in its field, Evernote is endlessly flexible and adaptable.

The app allows you to record and save thoughts, notes and photos in the cloud so you can access them any time, anywhere and from any device. All you need is the mobile or desktop app and an Internet connection. It features a search tool that allows you to find your notes quickly, the ability to add tags to your notes to make searching a breeze and folders to further keep everything organized. The app will even add a geo-tag to a note if you have your location services turned on when you save it. It’s a fantastic memory-jogger for the slightly scatterbrained, on-the-go individual with a habit of jotting down a street address or random phone number and then forgetting whose it was.

Add in the chat feature that lets you talk to collaborators, ability to annotate PDFs, endless formatting options and the reminder features, and Evernote quickly becomes your second “brain.”

Download here.

2. Trello

Trello has earned a strong reputation as a tool teams can use to manage shared projects but, it works just as well for individuals and families, because part of Trello's appeal is its flexibility—you can adapt it for a variety of purposes, including keeping track of whatever needs tracking.

Trello offers both mobile and web apps, and both work the same way: You create a variety of digital "cards" and arrange them in columns. Each card might represent a household chore, an item on your to do list, or a looming calendar event. The columns can represent categories of tasks, priority levels, specific dates, or any other factor you might use to arrange your cards.

Once you've decided on your organisation schema, you can add details to individual cards to make them easier to manage. Write a description, apply a couple colour-coded labels, tag the people who might need updates or reminders, and even give the card a deadline. Then you collaborators can add comments to the cards, attach files, and drag-and-drop cards from one column to another. Your Trello setup can really be as simple or as complex as you want.

Download here.

3. Google Docs / Office 365

Working in the cloud is safer, quicker and you can easily share your documents with everyone. Save lot's of time by having easy access to all documents, editing them on all your devices in the cloud at anytime, anywhere.

Download here.

4. Pocket

I love Pocket so much! Do you know that interesting article or recipe you've seen on a website/social but you have no time to read it immediately? Never lose that again. Instead, save it in Pocket and revisit it when you have more down time.

Pocket lets you cache articles when you're browsing just about anywhere: a web browser app, desktop browsers (via an extension), email inboxes, and social media feeds. You can also organise your collected articles and videos into categories to let you easily find them again. Once you've saved a few stories in Pocket, the app can start recommending related articles you might be interested in reading.

Through this app, you can even catch up on your reading when you have no internet connection: Pocket will cache all saved articles for offline viewing. If you install it on multiple devices, it will even sync your collection between them. Brilliant!

Download here.

5. Zero Willpower

Zero Willpower is an internet, social media and app blocker which helps increase work productivity. It works on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers and helps improve focus and productivity by blocking your favourite distraction websites during your peak productivity hours(no scrolling on Instagram between 9-5, for example). There are ways to plan out daily or weekly block sessions, putting the priority where it matters.

Download here.

Hope you try the apps and let me know what best works for you!

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