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London Tube Moquettes 

MOQUETTE mɒˈkɛt/
A thick pile fabric used for carpets and upholstery.
"expensive moquette seat covers"


You sit on them. You probably ignore them. As a Brazilian living in London, sometimes I observe little details that Londoners are so used to, that they usually don't notice. It happens with every tourist, your eyes are open to the new and you are able to "see" more than when you are going about your
daily routine in your own country. Small details such as the pattern of the tube seats, caught
my curious eyes. Every tube line has its own moquette design and I have created a few patterns with reinterpretations of the tube seat designs.


Would you know which moquette designs correspond with which London tube lines?

London Tube Moquettes

London Tube Moquettes Design

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